Mar 17th Nodes updated to Java 8

Hello all, Recently all nodes have been updated to Java 8 with minimal downtime in an effort to improve compatibility with future plugins and Minecraft systems.  Additionally, Java 8 provides performance and usability upgrades to Java that Minecraft users can benefit from.  All our nodes were updated with minimal downtime, please see the ... Read More »

Feb 27th New locations coming

Hello all, ExileServers is considering opening new locations for clients to choose when ordering a server.  As we own our hardware the decision is not limited by what datacenter we use, so we are open to getting locations in a variety of places.  Currently our options are: - Raleigh, NC- San Jose, CA- Ashburn, VA- UK location optionsIt looks ... Read More »

Mar 16th Network Maintenance:

ExileServers' Dallas location will have nodes offline on SaturdayFull Message: ExileServers will be consolidating it's operations in Dallas and moving nodes to our new rack, along with moving and recabling some of our Minecraft nodes.  The operations will take place from 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. Eastern time, and will have node(s) ... Read More »

Jan 29th 144GB of stock added (again!)

Hey guys,
We have added 144GB of RAM to our new Dallas location for VPS and Minecraft hosting! (Yes, again!)

These operate on our new line of enterprise Intel SSDs and 10Gb/s connections, for more information on hardware and performance improvements please contact our support!

- ExileServers Corporation Team

Jan 26th 144GB of stock added

Hello ExileServers users, We have added 144GB of stock on new, more powerful servers, that most clients are being setup on!  We have also expanded to a private location in Dallas, TX which allows us to have higher speed connectivity and more space.Please let us know if you have any concerns about these changes, if your server has been ... Read More »

Jul 15th DDoS Protection

ExileServers has expanded and reworked our network to all for full DDoS protection and lower latency!  As of today this new system is in place at no extra charge :) and the servers have resumed normal service!

Jun 6th New Data Center

Today we moved into a new data center, tripling the bandwidth available to all clients.  This has removed any problems with lag, and makes the control panel much more responsive.  

May 3rd SSDs Installed

The new SSDs were installed Friday from 5:00 to 10:00 and the servers were on and off through that period... The servers are back online and are now using the new SSDs for the main world and plugin storage.  Thanks for the understanding of the short downtime; all services resume as normal now.

May 1st New SSDs on the way!

We have just ordered new SSDs that will decrease loading times on the website and the minecraft servers; the SSDs should be here friday but may be here monday!

Our new drives (2 per server)