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What do we seek from partnerships?
Potential partnerships must have an active following or community, such as youtube, twitch, or an existing minecraft community.
As a general guideline, we try to seek youtubers or twitch streamers with 1,000+ followers or a steady viewer base.
We expect all those seeking partnerships to have a full plan for their server, this means plugins, goals, staffing and how to bring those plans into action.
We also expect those seeking partnerships to have a developer or the knowledge to setup the server(s).
What package(s) can you provide us?
Upon review of your application we will determine how much resources you require and discuss details with you.
What does ExileServers expect in return?
Whilst assisting our partners grow and bring new ideas to life, we ask for advertisement within your social media sites, youtube channel, twitch streams, or minecraft community in return.
Does ExileServers offer support to their partnerships?
We would offer support to all of our clients, paid or partnerships, however we will not setup the entire action plan for you. Please ensure you have the general needs to create and maintain your server(s) prior to application.
Interested in an ExileServers partnership?
Apply by clicking the button below, making sure to put as much detail into your application as possible. Including your entire idea or plans for any server(s) we would be partnering with you to create and any links to existing social media or communities.